What Is So Special About Today?

‘Today is proving ground of what I believe and whom I worship.” – Tish Harrison Warren (Liturgy of the Ordinary)

When Jesus died for His people – for me – He knew each and every one of us by name. Christ didn’t offer redemption for a life that we dream of or the perfect life we post all over social media. His crucifixion was not abstract or some scientific theory – it was and is a reality! And it was for the reality we live in – everyday – day in and day out.  When He died, He knew what today would look like for me – for you. He knew all the exciting moments and all the dull moments. He knew every extraordinary moment we would have today and each one of the ordinary ones. And in His death He demonstrated His love for for each and every one of us in the very moment we are in at any given time! 

God has whispering to my soul lately to slow down and be still. The only way I can do that is to begin to understand the impact of the time He has given me. I want to see each day as a gift from my God, not just a box on the calendar filled with appointments, meetings and an ever growing to-do list. I want to embrace today as the day He made for me to rejoice and worship Him in joy and gladness. 

This day – not tomorrow – not yesterday – but today! God, in His infinite wisdom and delight, has made, named and blessed this average, ordinary day. But to God this is the day He made for us – for you and for me. 

And it is in this day that we embrace life! The life we are living right now. This very one with dirty dishes, laundry to be folded, bills to pay, parties to attend, diapers to change, Christmas decorations to be put out, and gifts to buy. This very day with broken relationships that need to be mended, a cancer diagnosis to deal with, a job that makes you crazy, and a hole in our heart from deep grief. A day where you may be feeling weary, anxious or possibly a bit overwhelmed and chaotic.  

But no matter what this day looks like for you, for me – it is the day where Jesus knows us, embraces us and loves us. In the midst of all of our ‘stuff’ today, we must remember He is working, seeking the lost, redeeming His world, drawing us to Him, calling us to worship Him, and pursuing us into a real, intimate relationship with Him. 

At the end of today, what will our actions reflect about what we believe and whom we worship?

2 thoughts on “What Is So Special About Today?

  1. Wow that is it!You nailed it.I am so blessed God put you in my path. Thanks for being obedient to Our Heavenly Father ☝️🙏


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