Out of Focus

Have you ever tried reading something but everything was blurry? Then you put on your glasses and voila - the words become crystal clear! Or how about looking through a camera that has a manual focus lens? Until you adjust the lens, everything is fuzzy and out of focus. Lately I have let some struggles blur my vision which has led to me being inconsistent in my spiritual walk.

Sharing the Gospel & Making Disciples…Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 yet, you can find it here.... https://rootedinchrist317.com/2020/10/09/sharing-the-gospel/ Once we grasp who Jesus is, then I believe our next step in being prepared to share the Gospel and make disciples is to understand we are equipped to do so. Let’s look at Acts 1:6-9: “So when they had come together, … Continue reading Sharing the Gospel & Making Disciples…Part 2

HIStory….The Story of Jesus in My Life

Testimonial Tuesday I had the honor of sharing the story of Jesus in my life at church this past week. The quick version is I am nothing without Jesus!!!!! Click on the link below to see the video. #testimonialtuesday #godisgood #HIStory #allbecauseofjesus #christianblogger #compel #faithblogger #shewritestruth #shesharestruth #shereadstruth #womenintheword http://www.facebook.com/1184391999/posts/10223740514639234/

I Still Remember…

It’s been 21 years today but I still remember. I still remember that day like it had happened this morning. I still remember holding my son’s little hand as they placed the needle in his swollen lymph node - not once but twice. I still remember going back out to the lobby to wait for … Continue reading I Still Remember…

Light of the World

Several years ago we took our youth group to Bryson City, NC for summer camp. We had some amazing times up there and I have memories from those trips that will last a lifetime. The first year we went up there, the camp owner (Bill) took us on two different adventures to teach an important … Continue reading Light of the World

Consider It A Great Joy

Anyone else experiencing some hard times right now? Anyone else had one of those days where you thought, “if one more thing happens I’m going to lose it” then all of a sudden, one more thing has happened?  On top of all the ‘regular’ struggles - finances, broken relationships, health crisis, raising children  (no matter … Continue reading Consider It A Great Joy

Barely Hanging On or Holding Fast?

Are you overwhelmed? Feeling like you just can’t take anymore? Are you hanging on for dear life to a rope that is raveled and frayed? As a follower of Christ, we do not have to barely hang on, we can hold fast to Him. Do you ever feel like you are just barely hanging on? … Continue reading Barely Hanging On or Holding Fast?

In the Middle

Life brings many different journeys. Some are fun and easy while others are difficult, overwhelming and painful! The latter is what we refer to as trials. Because we live in a fallen world and we are sinful people, we are going to face trials. I have often heard people say we are all either coming … Continue reading In the Middle

I am Sealed

A seal is used to properly signify the uniqueness of a document as well as to identify the owner of property in order to give it protection from being stolen. A seal is also used in government as the official emblem of that governmental entity. In Ephesians, we read that when we believe the Gospel … Continue reading I am Sealed