Jesus Is Enough

Jesus is Enough!

In these times of uncertainty when we feel like we have lost all control we must ask ourselves is Jesus enough?

Over the past few days I have felt overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, and if I’m honest, even angry. Then this morning we were participating in church online and the Holy Spirit spoke so strongly to me through the music and the message. Our pastor’s message was about being in the wilderness. I believe we can all agree that right now we are all in the middle of a wilderness. The following is what I started writing as The Holy Spirit stirred my heart.

**When we can’t see our family members – is Jesus enough?

**When we can’t attend church like we are used to – is Jesus enough?

**When we can’t fellowship with our friends – is Jesus enough?

**When the illness we are facing keeps us down and it seems like there is no healing in sight – is Jesus enough?

**When the bank balance is at zero but there’s still bills to pay, groceries to get, and clothes to buy for our kids – is Jesus enough?

**When it feels like the walls are crashing down around you – is Jesus enough?

**When it feels as if you have been wandering in the wilderness and you were parched, tired and ready to give up – is Jesus enough?

If we cannot answer yes to every single question above then we must refocus. Regardless of how bad our circumstances are, how desperate, frustrated and anxious we feel, how overwhelmed we are, or even how angry we have been – Jesus is enough!!!!

And as our pastor put it this morning we must be willing for God to change our hearts. We must allow Him to prune and chisel us, so that our eyes turn towards Him. It is also important for us to remember that we must take the time to be still and behold who He is! He is our God, our Lord, our creator, our Savior, our Redeemer, our Protector, our Shepherd, our Abba Daddy!

He is worthy to be praised! He is in control! He has us in His hands! He is good and He is our stronghold!

#Jesusisenough #Heisworthy #Heismystronghold #Heisgood

I immediately thought of Nahum 1:7 (one of my favorite verses) and decided to use it as a place for some Bible Art. I also wrote out the above message as a reminder and added it to the page as well – that’s what is on the folded right paper.

#bibleart #illustratedfaith

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