Walking Through the Right Door

I lam loving the sermon series our pastor is doing right now. Our theme for this year is “We Serve a BIG GOD” and we have been studying from the book of Revelations. Today Pastor Jason’s message was about the church of Philadelphia (Rev. 3: 7 -13). This church received praise from God for their endurance and obedience even in the face of major hardships. They were a very meager church, didn’t have much to offer God other than their presence and obedience and received much pressure from the outside to give up. Another important note is that this church received no criticism from God!

This spoke volumes to me this morning. Recently I have been going through stuff and decluttering. In doing this, I found several of my prayer journals from the last several years and what I realized is there are three areas (finances, time management, and health) that I struggled with five, six, seven years ago and these same areas are still some of my biggest struggles today. The enemy wants to make me feel like a failure because I still allow these areas to remain unchanged and in some sense out of control in my life.

But I heard God whisper to me this morning, “Tonya it doesn’t matter how long this has been going on, what matters is my grace is bigger than this sin and all I am asking you to do is be in My presence and be obedient!”

When Pastor Jason was talking about God’s divine will and God’s permissive will, I realized that for the last several years I have been walking through an unlocked closed door and stepping into His permissive will. Unfortunately as long as I stay there, He cannot offer me the provisions, protection and blessings He wants to pour on me, for He can only do that when I walk through His open doors into His divine will.

I am done listening to the lies of the enemy and telling me these things don’t matter to God when indeed they do. Every area of my life matters and as long as I am keeping parts of my life in a ‘Tonya’s got this under control‘ box, then I am NOT being fully obedient to my Lord. And the smallest amount of disobedience is still disobedience and it is sin!

So today, I am choosing to walk in His way and through His open door. I have nothing to offer Him other than my obedience and my whole being. And you know what? That’s all He wants from me! I know this is not going to be easy but I am choosing to endure and trust in His strength. I can’t wait to see how He is going to bless and provide.

Yes indeed we do serve a BIG GOD!!!

One thought on “Walking Through the Right Door

  1. Amazing message from our Awesome Big God. What a blessed day I would have missed if I had listened to satan telling me I needed to stay home & rest. God said take a breathing treatment & Go!!! Thank You God for all that You do & all that You are.


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